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Europe's premier online destination for Arabian and niche perfumes, offering an extensive selection of exquisite fragrances.

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This perfume shop is my go-to for all my fragrance needs. Fast shipping hassle-free returns, and excellent customer service make shopping here a pleasure.


The quality of the fragrances at this perfume shop is simply unmatched. I'm always impressed with the scents I receive.


Big selection of perfumes to choose from, with something for everyone. The quality of the fragrances is top-notch and the prices are very reasonable.


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Online perfume shop

We are proud to offer the largest selection of high quality, rare, exotic, Arabic and niche perfumes. Royals Perfume's carefully selected collection of perfumes caters to a wide range of preferences, from what costs less or would make a great gift, to the rarest, most luxurious niche perfumes.

Our main goal is quality, so we work so that all our products will impress you and leave an indelible impression.

A wide range of perfumes

Shopping at the online store always pays off.

Our diverse range includes:

  • Perfume for women;
  • Perfume for men;
  • Arabic perfumes;
  • Perfume analogues;
  • Niche perfumes;
  • Many other categories.

In the product catalog, you will find such respected brands as: Fragrance World, Lattafa and Lion Francesco and more. Fragrances from the United Arab Emirates and other countries reach our store. We bring to the shelves perfumes whose creators and producers aim to convey prestige, luxury, exclusive sensations and take you on a journey of indelible scents. In the product catalog, you will easily notice more than one unique bottle design. This makes it a great choice for 2023 or beyond!

How to choose a perfume?

With more than 20 years of experience in the perfumery market, we understand that the desire to find the perfect fragrance can be a challenge. That's why our team works to help you choose the right perfume at an attractive price, and the online store has something to offer for all tastes. Best of all, all this can be done from the comfort of your own home. Here you can find the most suitable option or even the signature fragrance that perfectly fits your brand in a couple of minutes, with just a few clicks.

Royals Perfume store has perfumes for women, men, Arabic perfumes, perfume analogues and niche perfumes. There is something for everyone.

When choosing a perfume, consider the occasion, the season and your personal preferences. Do you prefer floral, citrus, spicy, or fresh scents? Are you looking for a perfume for everyday wear or something for a special occasion? When it comes to niche, Arabic perfumes and perfume analogues, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • When looking for niche perfumes, prioritize unique scents made with high-quality ingredients. It will give you a feeling of luxury, confidence and enjoyment, Well, it's worth investing in.
  • Arabic perfumes are famous for their multi-layered and seductive scents. Allow yourself to experiment when choosing and stand out.
  • Fragrance analogs are a cheaper alternative to high-end perfumes. If you are looking for a scent inspired by popular perfumes, but want to save money, choose analogues.
  • Finally, the best perfume for everyone and everywhere is one that you simply like and make you feel confident. Take your time, experiment with different scents and don't be afraid to ask our team for advice or help!

We recommend always having at least 2-3 perfumes in your arsenal. One, lighter or milder scent is worth using every day. It will give your image more value. Stronger or brighter perfumes can be used for occasions when you are going to an event or want to stand out. More and more people choose perfumes according to their moods: casual, upbeat, energetic, relaxed and so on.

A gift worth giving: The perfect perfume for every occasion.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one or just want to pamper yourself, is the place to visit.

Do not miss special offers and do not hesitate to get acquainted with the most popular and newest products from the catalog. Our competitive prices allow you to find the perfect fragrance at very attractive conditions. After all, perfume can be used for tens, hundreds or even thousands of days. This is a gift that is worth giving because it will delight you for a long time.

Buy niche perfumes online - faster, easier and cheaper

The Royals Perfume team values their customers very much. We strive to provide the best possible shopping experience.

Our friendly consultants and customer service specialists are always happy to help you make the right decision. We will tell you about the products of interest, share our experiences and insights. All this to make it easier to find the best option.

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